Church Muriel Project

I have been asked to commission a Muriel for the Disabled Toilet at our Church. as you can see, the walls were a “boring” sky blue. The Muriel I was asked to commission a painting of Noah’s Ark. I drew he ark on the wall, along with the animals and the rainbow.  I then began to paint in the sky above the ark, the ark itself and the sea.

On day 2, I painted in the final coat of the sea, which I did in a dark green\ blue. Then, on the 3rd day, I repainted the sea a lighter blue, added in fish, a corral reef and a crab. I then painted in the grass and a tree and gave my Giraffes, (Called Carol and David, named after the Vicar and her husband) a 1st coat of yellow.

On day 4, I repainted the grass. The streaks of green will be a hill giving a sense of a rolling hill and the color difference in grass. It will look better, once the lines are painted in.

Also, the Giraffes (Carol and David) have had their second coat of yellow and are nearly ready to be given markings added. I also gave the tree on the far right a second coat of green.

keep an eye on this page for further updates as I continue paining the mural.

Disasters and Birthdays

Well, it has been a funny couple of weeks. Firstly, we had a number of incidents at Church which kept me on my toes!

Suspected Intruder

We had a rather strange incident, where we found the Church Hall with the doors wide open. This meant I had to get the Police involved and we also had a visit from CSE as well. (Crime Scene Examiner) From the CCTV and from finger-printing, we determined that someone had not locked the door on Sunday, which was naughty!

Blocked Drains

Our main sewer pipe blocked between the Hall and the main driveway. This was caused by a large amount of debris caught on the burrs in the old cast iron pipework and how the main drainpipe is collapsing. It also caused our toilets and sinks to backup, which was not nice! It then became a real emergency as the system as now seriously clogged and with a wedding the next day, it was a race against time to get the drains unclogged and the toilets deep cleaned before the big day.

Thankfully, with a little help from Stella and Jill, plus Drain Doctor and their special cameras, we got the drains unblocked and the toilers deep cleaned in time for the wedding. Now as a matter of urgency, we are looking at getting the drain re-lined. (This can be done without digging up the floors, thankfully)

This is not the first blockage. We had a blockage a few years back, caused by 80 years with of silt, and was the first emergency I had to contend with. 3 years ago, we were faced with a crisis, when the whole system blocked. (From the road, up to the Old Vicarage, down to the Church) With the local school nativity the next day and us with no toilets, we were in a pickle. Thankfully United Utilities came and cleared the main sewer pipe and the Old Vicarage were very kind and let use their loos, while 7 days of unclogging happened. (United Utilities came every night until the silt was completely removed from our drains.

Burst Pipe!

Yes, when you thought it could not get worse, the rising main burst and caused damage to the vintage Parquet Flooring. The bigger issue was that the Rising Main had jammed and we could not switch the water off. That meant that we had to get the Waterboard out to shut the water off before we could get a plumber in to fix the pipe and stopcock.

Water Tank Leak

Then, to add Insult to Injury, the water tank overflowed and caused further damage to the wall and the floor. So, we ended up having the plumber out again to fix that too!

Birthday Weekend

Last weekend was my 35th Birthday and I went to Blackpool for that weekend.  I stayed at the Savoy, which was really nice and I had a really decent room. The food in the restaurant was lovely too. I also ended up in the hotel bar most nights and was in the Gynn on Friday night and the Sunday Night.

On Friday, I got a little too drunk and ended up in The Duke of York, after the Gynn. On Sunday, we had my party. Only a few people were able to come, but it was nice. Tim and Marion came, as it was Marion’s birthday. So we scoffed cake, sang a few songs and had a few to drink.

Thanks to everyone for making my birthday so good and especially to George and Lorraine for the cake.

Below are a few pics from my birthday weekend.

Bacon Street Police Station

So, it was time The Sims had a decent Police Station, so I am building one. I will update this page as I go on and will post a better description, hopefully tomorrow and also as I build, I will add more pics, as the construction progresses. In the meantime, here are a few screenshots of the progress so far. (Click one of the below thumbnails to see a larger version of the image)

St Stella’s School (Sims 4) WIP

As the tray file for my last school I was building got corrupted, I present my new school creation: St Stella’s School. St Stella’s is a Boarding School for Sims aged 5 – 16.  The large main building,  has several teaching spaces,  a swimming pool,  large hall and a large hall on the 1st floor.

To the rear, is a large Boarding Block, with multiple boarding units, which are home from home! The Boarders live on 8 Units, in either single or twin Dorm Rooms. At the rear of the building, (Ground Floor) there is a large living room \ dining room, complete with a integrated kitchen. There is also a laundry room, a Boarding Admin Office and toilets.

The boarding block is setup as follows:

Boarding Block Ground Floor (Level G)

  • Care Staff Office
  • Head of Care’s Flat
  • Laundry Room
  • Toilets
  • Swallow Unit (Junior Admissions Unit – Male)
  • Eagles Unit  ( Junior Admissions Unit – Female)
  • Communal Lounge \ Diner and Kitchen

Boarding Block (Level F)

  • Hawks Unit (Junior Boarding Unit Male)
  • Robins Unit  (Junior Boarding Unit Female)

Boarding Block (Level T)

  • Kestrel Unit (Senior Boarding Unit (Male)
  • Owls Unit  (Senior Boarding Unit)
  • Sick Bay (Medical Unit)

Boarding Block Lower Ground Floor (Level B)

  • Swimming Pool
  • Fitness Room
  • Changing Rooms and Showers

Keep an eye for updates, as the school is still WIP.

Exterior of the School
School Reception
Ground floor classroom
Reception Class
Corridor outside the Head’s Office
Head’s Office
Staff Room
Staff Room Kitchen
St Stella’s is fortunate enough to have a indoor heated swimming pool on the lower ground floor
There is also a well equipped gym next door to the swimming pool
Boarding Block Entrance Hall, which is a large Atrium, spanning 3 floors.
Corridor from the other end (Swallows Unit)
Unit Toilet, leading to the Shower Room (Swallows Unit)
Boarding Team Office
Communal Lounge, which can be accessed by ALL Boarders
The Laundry Room, which has 3 washing machines and 3 dryers
On the 1st floor,. you will find the 2 Normal Junior Boarding Units. This is one of the twin dorm rooms on the Robins Unit. (Female)
Robins does have a bathroom, even if it is L shaped!
On all units, the corridors are carpeted. On units where the corridor is on the side of the building, curtains are added to give a more luxurious look. This is the corridor on the Robins Unit
There is a walkway from the 1st and 2nd floors, which allows pupils to walk from the Boarding Block to the main school. There is also staff and emergency access on the ground floor.
And if you look down to your left… You will see I have fixed the walls and you get a really nice view of the school pond. (Complete with ducks!)
At the end of each unit, there is stairs, which lead out to the playground and also access to the large common room downstairs
And even the area under the stairs has been utilised as a tuck shop, open every evening from 7.30
Twin dorm room on the Hawks Office
Hawks Unit Bathroom facilities (Both baths and showers)
Hawks Unit corridor
From above, you can see how the development of St Stella’s is coming on

Llamadale Primary Staff

The staff of Llamadale Primary School From left to right: Jayne Potts, (Teaching Assistant) Sue Downing, (Year 2 Teacher) Christine Lord, (Reception Class Teacher) Gwen Jones (Year 4 Teacher) Megan Johnstone (Headmistress) Vanessa Vion (Year 6 Teacher and Depuaty Head) Carol Lyles, (Year 5 Teacher)  Sylvia Taylor (Teaching Assistant))

Made from what I can remember and by doing just a little research, I have re-created the staff from the school I am building. that is based on my old Infants School, which I was a pupil in, during the mid 80s. (1987 – 1990)

So, lets meet the staff!

Jayne Potts – Supply Teacher

Jayne was a substitute teacher, but here I have created her as a Classroom Assistant. I don’t remember much about her, apart from her funny accent and long black hair!

Sue Downing  – Teacher (Hedgehogs)

Mrs Downing was my 2nd teacher. She had red hair and was rather chunky. However, I remember her being nice though.

Christine Lord – Teacher (Otters)

Miss Lord is one of the teachers I can’t remember much about, apart from she had red hair, had hairy legs and smelt of tobacco!

Gwen Jones  – Teacher (Squirrels)

Mrs Jones was lovely! I wish she was my year 2 teacher! From the Valleys of Cardiff, she was very affectionate to us at school!

Megan Johnstone – (Head Mistress)

Nicknamed “Bruised legs” because of her varicose veins, Miss Johnstone was the Headmistress, but we hardly ever saw her, only for assemblies and very little at other times.

Vanessa Vion – Year 6 Teacher (Badgers) and Deputy Head

Miss Vion used to scare us, because we always thought she was a man. She had short hair, wore the same blue v-neck jumper, white shirt, black trousers and same shoes day in day out. She never wore makeup and I was told she once wore a skirt and found it uncomfortable! Miss Vion was big on her nature films and I can remember watching them in the Library during wet break. Miss Vion is also Depuaty Head. She  was strict but also very caring and if something was genuinely wrong, she would comfort and support you. She retired om;y a couple of years back, after 30 years of teaching and over 30 generations of kids!

Carol Lyons – Year 5 Teacher (Foxes)

Nicknamed “Fox Face”, due to her facial expressions, was my teacher in Year 5 and then again in Year 6. (Don’t ask) Again, I don’t remember much about her, apart from how she looked and her facial expressions!

Sylvia Taylor – Supply Teacher

Mrs Taylor is another Supply Teacher

I will probably release these Sims at the same time as the school, so keep your eyes peeled!

Llamasdale Primary School Sims 4

This project has been abandoned, due to a corrupted file. Sorry 🙁

Last Update: 27th Nov 2017 at 21:43  GMT

This creation I am working on, is based on my Infant School I went to many years ago. (Over 25 years at least!)  Built in the early 80s, the school replaced the  current premises at Ecclesly House at the rear of the school. The school was built using brick and rendering and is a fair good size. Because of the limitations on lot sizes on the Sims, it is not to scale and I have had to accommodate the classrooms I can’t fit in; by building a 1st floor. (Something the real school does not have) I also could not split built the ground floor, (as the real school is built into a bank)  due to restrictions on the game.

The school will be soon available for download, so keep an eye on this page for updates. Meanwhile, you can keep up with the progress of the build below.

The real school that this creation is based on. (Picture Courtesy of Surrey County Council)
Outside, which is still WIP. You can see the Hall at the far end with the sloped roof as well as lights on in some of the rooms still being built and those that are complete.
From phoning parents when their kids are ill, to photocopying and first aid, you’re 1st port of call is the school office
But for more serious problems, you might wish to book an appointment with Miss Johnstone, who is Headmistress.
From assemblies to PE and Lunch, the Hall is the place to be! It even has it’s own projection screen, wall bars and the school piano. I remember that horrible asbestos tile floor in the hall, cold and uncomfortable on your bum!
Talking of Lunch…. It is served at 12:00 from the hatch at the other end of the hall
And… Is prepared in the school kitchen
The Library, almost identical to  the real one. (Minus the PC’s. We didn’t have computers at this school that far back!) I remember watching Miss Vion’s nature films in the library when it was wet break!
Talking of Miss Vion, her classroom was next to the Library and is painted pink in my Sims version
Miss Vion’s classroom – looking from Miss Vion’s desk
Library toilets with the old “pull and clank cisterns” (This toilet is next to the Library and Miss Vion’s Classroom
Main Cloakroom, leading to the playground
Year 2 (Mrs Downing’s Class) Cloakroom
Looking down the corridor from the fire exit, towards the library. You can see the Year 1 Reception Class  (Miss Lord’s Class) Cloakroom to the right and the chairs outside the Staffroom
Reception Class (Miss Lord’s Class) I don’t remember much about Miss Lord, apart from she had very hairy legs and smelt like a full ashtray!
Miss Lord’s Classroom from the blackboard
Dedicated play area in Miss Lord’s classroom
Play area looking towards the door. This is also the only classroom with a toilet.
Mrs Jones Classroom

The Art Room
Art Room
And when the Teachers need a brew, they can put there feet up and have a brew. In the real staffroom, the kitchen area would be where the noticeboard is; and the entrance to the staff room would be where the end chair is. (Nearest the camera) There would also be a fire exit at the left hand side of the camera
The fire door would be where the far end table is and the entrance to the staff room would be where the coffee machine is. However there would be a wall where the kitchen alcove is and the storage cupboard in the corridor would be in place of the kitchen; accessible from the corridor. The door to the staff room would be where the end blue chair is on the left. (There should be a coffee table where the gap in the chairs is, (on the right) I have since added this.  In real life, The Year 1 and 2 cloakrooms would be further up the corridor, as there are 2 year 1 ad 2 year 2 classrooms.  however,  I could not build the extra classrooms, due to space restrictions on the lot.
Arial View of the ground floor
The nature garden has wild flowers and a large pond. The pond bridge leads to an area where the gardening club have been growing veggies.
Ive updated the pond water, to look more natural
The beginning of the 1st floor structure added
The 1st floor Dance and Drama Studio
1st Floor Corridor from the door of the Girls Loos, looking towards the stairwell
1st Floor Coridoor from the Drama Studio, looking towards the Girls Loos
1st Floor corridor from the toilets, looking towards the fire escape




The IT Suite
The IT Suite has been made bigger and now has more computers!
Updated Exterior shots The 1st floor is getting there and as there is a roof space, I have added an extra floor, which means more teaching areas. This is gunna be one massive school when finished. 

The Good Doctor’s House – Sims 4

The house as it originally stood (Cira 1902)

Bob and Betty Newby bought this house, while Bob was still practising as a Consultant Psychiatrist at Plesantview Psychiatric Hospital. He diagnosed several Sims in his time at the hospital. Notably, working with the Tragic Clown and Casandra Goth, to name a few. Of course, Dr Newby worked with care and compassion to all his patients and treated them the same way he would treat a member of his family.

The house was built for Sir John Hall in the early 1900s. After he died, the house became a Nursing Home for many years, until the late 80s. That was the time that the Newbie’s bought the house for a undisclosed price.

The real house that The Good Doctor’s House is based on, in Sheringham Norfolk.. (And sadly has now been demolished!)

Years later… Doctor Newby had to take medical retirement;  so he decided to setup a part time practice at his home. He built an extension to the side of his house, which  additionally benefited Betty. (as her mother was terribly ill and needed proper care.)  So Betty and Bob built her a flat above his practice, for her.

Then, 8 years ago, the Clown Catchers, (A division of the Pleasant Valley FBI) raided Dr Newbie’s home and found out that he was hiding Sunny the Tragic Clown in his attic.  Dr Newbie was jailed for 12 years, for ading and abetting a wanted criminal.  Meanwhile Betty ran off with Fire Fighter Freddie and moved to Belladonna Cove. The house was subsequent;y put up for sale.

Updated exterior view. I have fixed the walls so the two bay windows are in the same position either side of the main building. (Photo taken from Estuary Lane)
I also added down pipes on various parts of the roof and added outside lighting on the drive and under the porch. On top of this, I fixed the dorma windows to make them level and look more realistic. This meant that one of the chimneys had to be moved and I had to change the type of windows used on the dormas. (Photo taken from Ocean View Drive)
Front of the house has been rendered white on the front Gable and the 1st floor Bay Windows. (Photo taken from Estuary Lane)
I finished off the rendering and made the whole 1st floor front wall this nice white. Similer to the photo of the real building. (Photo taken from the roof of the garage at 117 O1cean View Drive)
The Lobby
The Cream Drawing Room, complete with fireplace
The Red Dining Room
The Contemporary Kitchen, complete with Breakfast Bar
Reception at Doctor Newbie’s Practice
One of the Treatment Rooms in Doctor Newbie’s Practice
Corridor in Doctor Newbie’s Practice
First Floor Landing with a door to the covered Balcony
One of the Front Bedrooms
Front Bedroom 2
The Annex Master Bedroom


The spare room in the Annex. Note the portrait of the Tragic Mime Clown that hangs above the bed
Main House Utility Room
Kitchen in the main house, looking towards the Utility Room
Annex Shower


Annex Ensuite Bathroom
Large Garden, including Gazebo which is surrounded by a water feature.

Required Expansions and Games Packs: Get To Work, Cats And Dogs, Get Together, Parenthood Game Pack, Vampires Game Pack, Dine Out Game Pack, Spa Day and Outdoor Retreat Game Packs

Required Stuff Packs: Toddler Stuff, Bowling Stuff, Vintage Glamour Stuff, Back Yard Stuff, Kids Room Stuff, Romantic Garden Stuff,  Sppoky Stuff, Cool Kitchen Stuff, Perfect Patio Stuff and Holiday Celebration Stuff

Required Community Custom Content: BW School Florecent Light from and Double Hung Medium Hight Windows with Rolled Glass from Mod The Sims. – 

The house can be downloaded here. Please extract all files to your EA Games\Sims 4\Tray folder, which is in the My Documents folder on your computer.

Scenario Building (Again!)

415622 approaches Hastings Railway Station, as 415217 (the player train) prepares to depart. Meanwhile, 415627 allows passengers to alight. (As it has terminated at Hastings.)

I have been scenario building again on Train Simulator again. This time, I am creating a morning passenger service, from Hastings to Tonbridge. The weather is wet and windy, so there is the risk of wheel slips, due to poor rail adhesion.  The scenario uses a Class 416 EPB (Electric Pneumatic Brake) Yes, it’s a slammer; which means we are going back in time to the 1980s! (Back to Network South East, with it’s iconic “Toothpaste Livery!”)


I will post more information on this scenario, with screenshots; as the development of this scenario continues.

Welcome to my Blog!

well, I did say I need to get my personal website back up and running, so here it is! The website is still under construction, so please bear with me as I get the various pages on this site organized.


In the meantime, if you need to contact me, you may do so via email: or my Facebook.  I am having some problems  with emails on the website, so I will not be checking them as much. I will however, try to use webmail as much as possible!