St Stella’s School (Sims 4) WIP

As the tray file for my last school I was building got corrupted, I present my new school creation: St Stella’s School. St Stella’s is a Boarding School for Sims aged 5 – 16.  The large main building,  has several teaching spaces,  a swimming pool,  large hall and a large hall on the 1st floor.

To the rear, is a large Boarding Block, with multiple boarding units, which are home from home! The Boarders live on 8 Units, in either single or twin Dorm Rooms. At the rear of the building, (Ground Floor) there is a large living room \ dining room, complete with a integrated kitchen. There is also a laundry room, a Boarding Admin Office and toilets.

The boarding block is setup as follows:

Boarding Block Ground Floor (Level G)

  • Care Staff Office
  • Head of Care’s Flat
  • Laundry Room
  • Toilets
  • Swallow Unit (Junior Admissions Unit – Male)
  • Eagles Unit  ( Junior Admissions Unit – Female)
  • Communal Lounge \ Diner and Kitchen

Boarding Block (Level F)

  • Hawks Unit (Junior Boarding Unit Male)
  • Robins Unit  (Junior Boarding Unit Female)

Boarding Block (Level T)

  • Kestrel Unit (Senior Boarding Unit (Male)
  • Owls Unit  (Senior Boarding Unit)
  • Sick Bay (Medical Unit)

Boarding Block Lower Ground Floor (Level B)

  • Swimming Pool
  • Fitness Room
  • Changing Rooms and Showers

Keep an eye for updates, as the school is still WIP.

Exterior of the School
School Reception
Ground floor classroom
Reception Class
Corridor outside the Head’s Office
Head’s Office
Staff Room
Staff Room Kitchen
St Stella’s is fortunate enough to have a indoor heated swimming pool on the lower ground floor
There is also a well equipped gym next door to the swimming pool
Boarding Block Entrance Hall, which is a large Atrium, spanning 3 floors.
Corridor from the other end (Swallows Unit)
Unit Toilet, leading to the Shower Room (Swallows Unit)
Boarding Team Office
Communal Lounge, which can be accessed by ALL Boarders
The Laundry Room, which has 3 washing machines and 3 dryers
On the 1st floor,. you will find the 2 Normal Junior Boarding Units. This is one of the twin dorm rooms on the Robins Unit. (Female)
Robins does have a bathroom, even if it is L shaped!
On all units, the corridors are carpeted. On units where the corridor is on the side of the building, curtains are added to give a more luxurious look. This is the corridor on the Robins Unit
There is a walkway from the 1st and 2nd floors, which allows pupils to walk from the Boarding Block to the main school. There is also staff and emergency access on the ground floor.
And if you look down to your left… You will see I have fixed the walls and you get a really nice view of the school pond. (Complete with ducks!)
At the end of each unit, there is stairs, which lead out to the playground and also access to the large common room downstairs
And even the area under the stairs has been utilised as a tuck shop, open every evening from 7.30
Twin dorm room on the Hawks Office
Hawks Unit Bathroom facilities (Both baths and showers)
Hawks Unit corridor
From above, you can see how the development of St Stella’s is coming on