Disasters and Birthdays

Well, it has been a funny couple of weeks. Firstly, we had a number of incidents at Church which kept me on my toes!

Suspected Intruder

We had a rather strange incident, where we found the Church Hall with the doors wide open. This meant I had to get the Police involved and we also had a visit from CSE as well. (Crime Scene Examiner) From the CCTV and from finger-printing, we determined that someone had not locked the door on Sunday, which was naughty!

Blocked Drains

Our main sewer pipe blocked between the Hall and the main driveway. This was caused by a large amount of debris caught on the burrs in the old cast iron pipework and how the main drainpipe is collapsing. It also caused our toilets and sinks to backup, which was not nice! It then became a real emergency as the system as now seriously clogged and with a wedding the next day, it was a race against time to get the drains unclogged and the toilets deep cleaned before the big day.

Thankfully, with a little help from Stella and Jill, plus Drain Doctor and their special cameras, we got the drains unblocked and the toilers deep cleaned in time for the wedding. Now as a matter of urgency, we are looking at getting the drain re-lined. (This can be done without digging up the floors, thankfully)

This is not the first blockage. We had a blockage a few years back, caused by 80 years with of silt, and was the first emergency I had to contend with. 3 years ago, we were faced with a crisis, when the whole system blocked. (From the road, up to the Old Vicarage, down to the Church) With the local school nativity the next day and us with no toilets, we were in a pickle. Thankfully United Utilities came and cleared the main sewer pipe and the Old Vicarage were very kind and let use their loos, while 7 days of unclogging happened. (United Utilities came every night until the silt was completely removed from our drains.

Burst Pipe!

Yes, when you thought it could not get worse, the rising main burst and caused damage to the vintage Parquet Flooring. The bigger issue was that the Rising Main had jammed and we could not switch the water off. That meant that we had to get the Waterboard out to shut the water off before we could get a plumber in to fix the pipe and stopcock.

Water Tank Leak

Then, to add Insult to Injury, the water tank overflowed and caused further damage to the wall and the floor. So, we ended up having the plumber out again to fix that too!

Birthday Weekend

Last weekend was my 35th Birthday and I went to Blackpool for that weekend.  I stayed at the Savoy, which was really nice and I had a really decent room. The food in the restaurant was lovely too. I also ended up in the hotel bar most nights and was in the Gynn on Friday night and the Sunday Night.

On Friday, I got a little too drunk and ended up in The Duke of York, after the Gynn. On Sunday, we had my party. Only a few people were able to come, but it was nice. Tim and Marion came, as it was Marion’s birthday. So we scoffed cake, sang a few songs and had a few to drink.

Thanks to everyone for making my birthday so good and especially to George and Lorraine for the cake.

Below are a few pics from my birthday weekend.

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