Llamadale Primary Staff

The staff of Llamadale Primary School From left to right: Jayne Potts, (Teaching Assistant) Sue Downing, (Year 2 Teacher) Christine Lord, (Reception Class Teacher) Gwen Jones (Year 4 Teacher) Megan Johnstone (Headmistress) Vanessa Vion (Year 6 Teacher and Depuaty Head) Carol Lyles, (Year 5 Teacher)  Sylvia Taylor (Teaching Assistant))

Made from what I can remember and by doing just a little research, I have re-created the staff from the school I am building. that is based on my old Infants School, which I was a pupil in, during the mid 80s. (1987 – 1990)

So, lets meet the staff!

Jayne Potts – Supply Teacher

Jayne was a substitute teacher, but here I have created her as a Classroom Assistant. I don’t remember much about her, apart from her funny accent and long black hair!

Sue Downing  – Teacher (Hedgehogs)

Mrs Downing was my 2nd teacher. She had red hair and was rather chunky. However, I remember her being nice though.

Christine Lord – Teacher (Otters)

Miss Lord is one of the teachers I can’t remember much about, apart from she had red hair, had hairy legs and smelt of tobacco!

Gwen Jones  – Teacher (Squirrels)

Mrs Jones was lovely! I wish she was my year 2 teacher! From the Valleys of Cardiff, she was very affectionate to us at school!

Megan Johnstone – (Head Mistress)

Nicknamed “Bruised legs” because of her varicose veins, Miss Johnstone was the Headmistress, but we hardly ever saw her, only for assemblies and very little at other times.

Vanessa Vion – Year 6 Teacher (Badgers) and Deputy Head

Miss Vion used to scare us, because we always thought she was a man. She had short hair, wore the same blue v-neck jumper, white shirt, black trousers and same shoes day in day out. She never wore makeup and I was told she once wore a skirt and found it uncomfortable! Miss Vion was big on her nature films and I can remember watching them in the Library during wet break. Miss Vion is also Depuaty Head. She  was strict but also very caring and if something was genuinely wrong, she would comfort and support you. She retired om;y a couple of years back, after 30 years of teaching and over 30 generations of kids!

Carol Lyons – Year 5 Teacher (Foxes)

Nicknamed “Fox Face”, due to her facial expressions, was my teacher in Year 5 and then again in Year 6. (Don’t ask) Again, I don’t remember much about her, apart from how she looked and her facial expressions!

Sylvia Taylor – Supply Teacher

Mrs Taylor is another Supply Teacher

I will probably release these Sims at the same time as the school, so keep your eyes peeled!

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