Llamasdale Primary School Sims 4

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Last Update: 27th Nov 2017 at 21:43  GMT

This creation I am working on, is based on my Infant School I went to many years ago. (Over 25 years at least!)  Built in the early 80s, the school replaced the  current premises at Ecclesly House at the rear of the school. The school was built using brick and rendering and is a fair good size. Because of the limitations on lot sizes on the Sims, it is not to scale and I have had to accommodate the classrooms I can’t fit in; by building a 1st floor. (Something the real school does not have) I also could not split built the ground floor, (as the real school is built into a bank)  due to restrictions on the game.

The school will be soon available for download, so keep an eye on this page for updates. Meanwhile, you can keep up with the progress of the build below.

The real school that this creation is based on. (Picture Courtesy of Surrey County Council)
Outside, which is still WIP. You can see the Hall at the far end with the sloped roof as well as lights on in some of the rooms still being built and those that are complete.
From phoning parents when their kids are ill, to photocopying and first aid, you’re 1st port of call is the school office
But for more serious problems, you might wish to book an appointment with Miss Johnstone, who is Headmistress.
From assemblies to PE and Lunch, the Hall is the place to be! It even has it’s own projection screen, wall bars and the school piano. I remember that horrible asbestos tile floor in the hall, cold and uncomfortable on your bum!
Talking of Lunch…. It is served at 12:00 from the hatch at the other end of the hall
And… Is prepared in the school kitchen
The Library, almost identical to  the real one. (Minus the PC’s. We didn’t have computers at this school that far back!) I remember watching Miss Vion’s nature films in the library when it was wet break!
Talking of Miss Vion, her classroom was next to the Library and is painted pink in my Sims version
Miss Vion’s classroom – looking from Miss Vion’s desk
Library toilets with the old “pull and clank cisterns” (This toilet is next to the Library and Miss Vion’s Classroom
Main Cloakroom, leading to the playground
Year 2 (Mrs Downing’s Class) Cloakroom
Looking down the corridor from the fire exit, towards the library. You can see the Year 1 Reception Class  (Miss Lord’s Class) Cloakroom to the right and the chairs outside the Staffroom
Reception Class (Miss Lord’s Class) I don’t remember much about Miss Lord, apart from she had very hairy legs and smelt like a full ashtray!
Miss Lord’s Classroom from the blackboard
Dedicated play area in Miss Lord’s classroom
Play area looking towards the door. This is also the only classroom with a toilet.
Mrs Jones Classroom

The Art Room
Art Room
And when the Teachers need a brew, they can put there feet up and have a brew. In the real staffroom, the kitchen area would be where the noticeboard is; and the entrance to the staff room would be where the end chair is. (Nearest the camera) There would also be a fire exit at the left hand side of the camera
The fire door would be where the far end table is and the entrance to the staff room would be where the coffee machine is. However there would be a wall where the kitchen alcove is and the storage cupboard in the corridor would be in place of the kitchen; accessible from the corridor. The door to the staff room would be where the end blue chair is on the left. (There should be a coffee table where the gap in the chairs is, (on the right) I have since added this.  In real life, The Year 1 and 2 cloakrooms would be further up the corridor, as there are 2 year 1 ad 2 year 2 classrooms.  however,  I could not build the extra classrooms, due to space restrictions on the lot.
Arial View of the ground floor
The nature garden has wild flowers and a large pond. The pond bridge leads to an area where the gardening club have been growing veggies.
Ive updated the pond water, to look more natural
The beginning of the 1st floor structure added
The 1st floor Dance and Drama Studio
1st Floor Corridor from the door of the Girls Loos, looking towards the stairwell
1st Floor Coridoor from the Drama Studio, looking towards the Girls Loos
1st Floor corridor from the toilets, looking towards the fire escape




The IT Suite
The IT Suite has been made bigger and now has more computers!
Updated Exterior shots The 1st floor is getting there and as there is a roof space, I have added an extra floor, which means more teaching areas. This is gunna be one massive school when finished. 

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