The Good Doctor’s House – Sims 4

The house as it originally stood (Cira 1902)

Bob and Betty Newby bought this house, while Bob was still practising as a Consultant Psychiatrist at Plesantview Psychiatric Hospital. He diagnosed several Sims in his time at the hospital. Notably, working with the Tragic Clown and Casandra Goth, to name a few. Of course, Dr Newby worked with care and compassion to all his patients and treated them the same way he would treat a member of his family.

The house was built for Sir John Hall in the early 1900s. After he died, the house became a Nursing Home for many years, until the late 80s. That was the time that the Newbie’s bought the house for a undisclosed price.

The real house that The Good Doctor’s House is based on, in Sheringham Norfolk.. (And sadly has now been demolished!)

Years later… Doctor Newby had to take medical retirement;  so he decided to setup a part time practice at his home. He built an extension to the side of his house, which  additionally benefited Betty. (as her mother was terribly ill and needed proper care.)  So Betty and Bob built her a flat above his practice, for her.

Then, 8 years ago, the Clown Catchers, (A division of the Pleasant Valley FBI) raided Dr Newbie’s home and found out that he was hiding Sunny the Tragic Clown in his attic.  Dr Newbie was jailed for 12 years, for ading and abetting a wanted criminal.  Meanwhile Betty ran off with Fire Fighter Freddie and moved to Belladonna Cove. The house was subsequent;y put up for sale.

Updated exterior view. I have fixed the walls so the two bay windows are in the same position either side of the main building. (Photo taken from Estuary Lane)
I also added down pipes on various parts of the roof and added outside lighting on the drive and under the porch. On top of this, I fixed the dorma windows to make them level and look more realistic. This meant that one of the chimneys had to be moved and I had to change the type of windows used on the dormas. (Photo taken from Ocean View Drive)
Front of the house has been rendered white on the front Gable and the 1st floor Bay Windows. (Photo taken from Estuary Lane)
I finished off the rendering and made the whole 1st floor front wall this nice white. Similer to the photo of the real building. (Photo taken from the roof of the garage at 117 O1cean View Drive)
The Lobby
The Cream Drawing Room, complete with fireplace
The Red Dining Room
The Contemporary Kitchen, complete with Breakfast Bar
Reception at Doctor Newbie’s Practice
One of the Treatment Rooms in Doctor Newbie’s Practice
Corridor in Doctor Newbie’s Practice
First Floor Landing with a door to the covered Balcony
One of the Front Bedrooms
Front Bedroom 2
The Annex Master Bedroom


The spare room in the Annex. Note the portrait of the Tragic Mime Clown that hangs above the bed
Main House Utility Room
Kitchen in the main house, looking towards the Utility Room
Annex Shower


Annex Ensuite Bathroom
Large Garden, including Gazebo which is surrounded by a water feature.

Required Expansions and Games Packs: Get To Work, Cats And Dogs, Get Together, Parenthood Game Pack, Vampires Game Pack, Dine Out Game Pack, Spa Day and Outdoor Retreat Game Packs

Required Stuff Packs: Toddler Stuff, Bowling Stuff, Vintage Glamour Stuff, Back Yard Stuff, Kids Room Stuff, Romantic Garden Stuff,  Sppoky Stuff, Cool Kitchen Stuff, Perfect Patio Stuff and Holiday Celebration Stuff

Required Community Custom Content: BW School Florecent Light from and Double Hung Medium Hight Windows with Rolled Glass from Mod The Sims. – 

The house can be downloaded here. Please extract all files to your EA Games\Sims 4\Tray folder, which is in the My Documents folder on your computer.