Church Muriel Project

I have been asked to commission a Muriel for the Disabled Toilet at our Church. as you can see, the walls were a “boring” sky blue. The¬†Muriel I was asked to commission a painting of Noah’s Ark. I drew he ark on the wall, along with the animals and the rainbow.¬† I then began to paint in the sky above the ark, the ark itself and the sea.

On day 2, I painted in the final coat of the sea, which I did in a dark green\ blue. Then, on the 3rd day, I repainted the sea a lighter blue, added in fish, a corral reef and a crab. I then painted in the grass and a tree and gave my Giraffes, (Called Carol and David, named after the Vicar and her husband) a 1st coat of yellow.

On day 4, I repainted the grass. The streaks of green will be a hill giving a sense of a rolling hill and the color difference in grass. It will look better, once the lines are painted in.

Also, the Giraffes (Carol and David) have had their second coat of yellow and are nearly ready to be given markings added. I also gave the tree on the far right a second coat of green.

keep an eye on this page for further updates as I continue paining the mural.